Trying to improve the world by making happy silly colourful illustrations, comix, murals and animation. Juggling with chain saws while tap dancing is up next.

Missy Elliott retweeted the illustration I did about her. Did I just gain street cred points? :)

Missy Elliott illustration I did for a collaborative hip hop heroines book project. My piece didn’t make it in the end, but wanted to share it anyway.

Last week 92-year old Belgian comic strip hero Marc Sleen inaugurated his own mural in Antwerp. I felt privileged to design a 360° illustration print for an electrical street cabinet in front of the mural. It features a map of Antwerp with a walking tour that features all 10 comic strip murals. In connection with the mural I put in references to the comic Nero and to Antwerp and its maritime history.

I made a bunch of illustrations for an article by Michi-Hiro Tamaï about ART GAMING, a new wave in the world of games. The article is featured in the wonderful Belgian “24h01" MOOK project ( a 200 pages cultural quality crossover between a magazine and a book with no ads ). It’s in French and it’s beautiful. For the illustrations I was inspired by independent games like "Samorost" ( a personal favorite ), "Dys4ia", "That dragon cancer", "Fez", …

More summer doodlin’ - Totem Pole Faces 2

Some inbetween doodlin’ - Totem Pole Faces.

PARTY MIX - Late night summer doodle.

Teaser for a new risoprint ! Tonight opening of the group show INTERLAND at Alley gallery, Hasselt ! with kickass graphical masters like Pointdextr, Hedof, Erosie, Jeremyville, KHUAN+KTRON, Wouter Sel and more !

More info here!

After my live drawing on The Voice ( Belgium ) recently I was asked again to make a giant machine to be animated and shown during a performance of jury member Bent van Looy's team. This job was totally up my alley and it was superfun to see my work that big. I love drawing machines.

See the animation on tv here!

I thoroughly enjoy your style. Something about bold lines, simplicity, and well chosen color gets me every time.

A question by ghostbeefcomics

Thanks so much ! I enjoy what I do and it’s superfun to hear you do too

My girlfriend and I had a great time last week at the Alternative Press Takeover zine fest in East London. Met loads of nice strangers and friends: awesome people like lo fi indie rock musician Joey Fourr, funny comic strip girls Lizz Lunney and Philippa Rice.

Globetrotting comic strip artist Steven Kraan and his girlfriend Willemien were so nice to have us over in Bedford. Great trip!