Trying to improve the world by making happy silly colourful illustrations, comix, murals and animation. Juggling with chain saws while tap dancing is up next.

The enthusiast folks of Ladda from Ghent asked me again to contribute in a cool group show at Fort Napoleon (an actual remaining fort of Napoleon) at the seaside of Belgium. 7 artists had to make a large pin board installation with doodles, sketches, ideas, inspiration, etc to visualize who they are. In times of digital pin boards like Pinterest or Facebook this is a nice reminder how fun a real pin board can be.

Other contributors: Adriaan Verwée, Byram (Bxll), Ben Benaouisse, Cox & Grusenmeyer, Inne Eysermans (Amatorski) and Topo.

I also got to know the fantastic dark freaky Japanese band Degurutieni from 
Osaka, that opened the exhibition and I did some live sketching.

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  • Apr 15, 2013
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