Trying to improve the world by making happy silly colourful illustrations, comix, murals and animation. Juggling with chain saws while tap dancing is up next.

I made an adventure games tribute, with special love for the closed Lucasarts studio and a few of my favorite games ( Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, the Monkey Island series ), for the indie game event "Free to Play" at Design Center De Winkelhaak in Antwerp. The event goes on till July and has an art tribute exhibition, custom made arcade games, documentaries, movies, workshops, etc. Don’t miss, it’s superfun !

I made this poster for the Kurt & the Gang show in London, by Bellykids, that was held last month. Mister Cobain would’ve been 46 today. Happy B-day dude !

Fresh stuff for a new zine I’m working on called “Universal Truths”, next to my other upcoming zines “Pickle Juice” and “Hamburgers from Hell” (together with supercreative Canadian artist Ohara Hale). Soon to be released !

Last week I pimped a fresh deck, for the first time actually, for the enthusiastic youngsters of Skate Club: “Up and Above”. Fun times !
Picture by Chris Reijnen.