Trying to improve the world by making happy silly colourful illustrations, comix, murals and animation. Juggling with chain saws while tap dancing is up next.

Fresh Jango Comix for GLITCH, a new Belgian digital Game Magazine. Also for an upcoming Jango Comix collection book.

You can follow my comics on Facebook too if you’re into that kind of thing.

The fantastic and creative folks of BOKTOR MAGAZINE came up with a super fun idea. For issue #2 of their magazine they invented a wacky story about a traveling island governed by boy scouts. They asked a number of artists to help shape what it would look like. I had to handle the part about mail the island would receive. More info on their website, with animations and all !


D di Domodossola is our new zine of the Infusi collection (it’s the 4th one).
It’s oure mad mad issue! With stories by Edward Cheverton, Fabio Tonetto, Jangojim e Sarah Mazzetti.
Stay tuned, we’ll add news and link for buying the zine!

Yeeha, I am in this wonderful zine by wonderful people and with wonderful people

Doodle drawn on the train from Brussels to Antwerp.

More artwork I made for the cool AFTER SIX FESTIVAL in Antwerp last weekend. 12 bands teamed up with 12 illustrators. I teamed up with Polish garage rock/punk band Black Coffee from Warsaw. These images are for the zine.

Bands were SlowcoachesThe PhantomsSavannaThe StubsDead NeanderthalsLittle BoyMoaning CitiesBlack CoffeeTéme Tan,Vwhile and Charles Howl.

The others visual artists were cool kids Angela Ferreira ( Kruella d’Enfer ),Pedro Campiche ( akacorleone )David PenelaNick AlstonDziaBenjamin SeaATH1281Essay DeeMarie ErrRicardo Cavolo and Stefan Unkovic.

Met so many fantastic people from Poland, Serbia, Greece, Portugal and England. It was the best !

Also included, a picture of me drawing in front of the painting of Pedro Campiche. ( pic by David Penela )

Here’s some samples from a wacky zine I made in one day at the Creativity Festival in Turnhout (Belgium) last month for Topy Copy ! send me a message on jangojim@gmail.com if you want one ! 16 pages in glorious black and white.

Fresh stuff for a new zine I’m working on called “Universal Truths”, next to my other upcoming zines “Pickle Juice” and “Hamburgers from Hell” (together with supercreative Canadian artist Ohara Hale). Soon to be released !

new stuff for my upcoming zine PICKLE JUICE

More jango comix for an upcoming Jango Comix book.

New stuff for my upcoming zine PICKLE JUICE.

New stuff for an upcoming group zine from my good friend Brandon Lehmann aka Bobbymono from Seattle, titled:


Possibly a new Olympic sport.

New stuff for my upcoming zine PICKLE JUICE.

The alien pope washes his car on Christmas.
Merry X-Mas everyone !
New stuff for my upcoming zine PICKLE JUICE.